"Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Trends and Applications" ed. by Marco Antonio Aceves-Fernandez

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"Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Trends and Applications" ed. by Marco Antonio Aceves-Fernandez

"Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Trends and Applications" ed. by Marco Antonio Aceves-Fernandez
ITExLi | 2018 | ISBN: 1789233658 9781789233650 178923364X 9781789233643 | 337 pages | PDF | 41 MB

This volume is dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI). This book encompasses many applications as well as new techniques, challenges, and opportunities in this fascinating area.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking an increasingly important role in our society. From cars, smartphones, airplanes, consumer applications, and even medical equipment, the impact of AI is changing the world around us. The ability of machines to demonstrate advanced cognitive skills in taking decisions, learn and perceive the environment, predict certain behavior, and process written or spoken languages, among other skills, makes this discipline of paramount importance in today's world. Although AI is changing the world for the better in many applications, it also comes with its challenges.

1 Biologically Inspired Intelligence with Applications on Robot Navigation
2 A Modified Neuro-Fuzzy System Using Metaheuristic Approaches for Data Classification
3 Differential Evolution Algorithm in the Construction of Interpretable Classification Models
4 Advanced Content and Interface Personalization through Conversational Behavior and Affective Embodied Conversational Agents
5 High Performance Technology in Algorithmic Cryptography
6 A Deterministic Algorithm for Arabic Character Recognition Based on Letter Properties
7 Human-AI Synergy in Creativity and Innovation
8 Min k-Cut for Asset Selection in Risk-Based Portfolio Strategies
9 Virtual Reality for Urban Sound Design: A Tool for Architects and Urban Planners
10 Blockchain: The Next Breakthrough in the Rapid Progress of AI
11 Augmenting Reality with Intelligent Interfaces
12 The Today Tendency of Sentiment Classification
13 A Multilevel Genetic Algorithm for the Maximum Satisfaction Problem
14 Artificial Intelligence Application in Machine Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis
15 Normal Versus Abnormal ECG Classification by the Aid of Deep Learning
16 A Quantitative Approach for Web Usability Using Eye Tracking Data
17 Deep Learning Models for Predicting Phenotypic Traits and Diseases from Omics Data
18 Can Reinforcement Learning Be Applied to Surgery?
19 Application of AI in Modeling of Real System in Chemistry
20 Application of AI in Chemical Engineering
21 Application of Biomedical Text Mining
22 Static/Dynamic Zoometry Concept to Design Cattle Facilities Using Back Propagation Neural Network (BPNN)

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